Stud and the BloodBlade #1


Perry Crowe
Cover Artist:
Jed Dougherty

Welcome to Ouroboros, an uncanny world teetering between the far future and the primordial past, where aliens and barbarians, bigfoots and robots, monsters and puns wrestle for control of the Next Bang!

Mightiest of all is Stud, he of immense strength, insatiable appetite, and nonexistent impulse control! Follow Stud’s caravan of carnage through the Badlands, carved by his cursed weapon, the BloodBlade, which keeps him on a razor’s edge between hero and Gary!

From co-creators Perry Crowe (Heavy Metal, The Frontiersmen) and Jed Dougherty (Savage Hearts, Harley Quinn, World’s Finest): it’s He-Man meets the Tick meets Judge Dredd—it’s STUD!!

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Pages: 48
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