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Please join our retailer newsletter for updates and dope information on our books and upcoming projects! We are very interested in ways that we can support and promote our books to drive sales to you. We are experimenting with different offers to try to generate buzz amongst the collector and readership communities. Our aim with these offers and experiments is to drive interest, engagement, and sales to your retail locations.

As not everyone has a local comic shop, we also offer exclusives through our webstores. If you’d like to have exclusive content for your store, or advanced materials (typically digital), please let us know! We want to work with you to drive fans to your stores!

If you’re interested in doing an exclusive cover for your store or have another idea you want to discuss, we’re all ears and can be reached out marketing@cexpublishing.com.

And we welcome your feedback. Like our books or hate them (you won’t!), let us know how we can serve you better and what we can do to garner a professional and working relationship with you. Thank you for your support!

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