Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis

Steve Ellis is a comic artist, writer and illustrator. One of my main focuses is storytelling and bringing humanity to my images. I create work that is meant to uplift the human spirit and tell stories of struggles and challenges in fantasy or science fiction settings. 

I’ve developed stories and artwork for comic book companies like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, I’ve developed artwork and designs for Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard Entertainment. 

I’ve created cowritten and illustrated exclusive comic books for television shows with AMC TV on projects like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul and others.

I’ve had two award winning hit series of Graphic novels, High Moon and The Only Living Boy and am currently working on a follow up series The Only Living Girl. 

I have taught at Syracuse University for over ten years in the illustration department, teaching comics, digital painting and advanced drawing for illustrators.

I’ve had published articles with ImagineFX magazine on design and composition and composing a comics page.