Check out the exclusive cover for SERENO: THE NIGHTWATCHMEN HC, by Luciano Vecchio

Shelbyville, KY — May, 24, 2023 — CEX Publishing and Zoop are proud to announce a new campaign for the SERENO: THE NIGHTWATCHMAN hardcover collection featuring an exclusive cover designed by Argentinian comic book writer and artist Luciano Vecchio (Iceman, Marvel Voices, Champions, DC Pride).

Meet Sereno, the Mystic Master of Light and guardian of New Teia, a city where magic and science intertwine by night! Sereno is a deeply personal work for Vecchio, a prominent LGBTQ rights advocate, who has contributed to both Marvel’s Voices: Pride and DC’s Pride Anthology.

“I’m truly ecstatic that Sereno will finally be available in English!” Vecchio said. “This is a foundational series for me, one that pushed me to grow beyond being just an artist but to a full-on author. It challenged me to rethink the way I approach comics, superheroes, and our role as creators. It’s an extremely intimate and personal work and I’m excited to share it with as many readers as possible.”

Originally offered by CEX Publishing as a three issue mini series, this collection includes loads of exclusive extras and features a new cover designed exclusively for Zoop by Luciano Vecchio!

“When I first saw Sereno I was immediately struck by Luciano’s art and his style for the series.” said Andy Schmidt, publisher at CEX Publishing. “It was clear this was not only a great book for readers, but also important to him as a storyteller and I’m thrilled to be partnering with Zoop to bring this exclusive hardcover to life.”

Vecchio not only introduces a titular new hero but a colorful rogues gallery including: NüMen, Panico, Malflash, Oneres, and the super cat burglar Rufián, who may have succeeded in stealing Sereno’s heart.

“SERENO The Nightwatchman is not only my love letter to the superhero genre, but an awesome queer-led, full of action, techno-esoteric adventure.” Vecchio explains. “This is me playing artist-as-magician to produce a modern Arcana through the Super Hero archetype.”

The SERENO: THE NIGHTWATCHMAN Zoop campaign is available starting today and extends through the entirety of Pride Month 2023 (June).

Retailers, the Zoop Campaign includes a Retailer Exclusive Bundle: 3 copies of the hardcover at 50% off, signed by Luciano Vecchio!

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Sereno - Zoop Exclusive Hardcover Exclusive

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