CEX is excited to review the work of new and seasoned comic book and graphic novel creators.

CEX is looking for comics and graphic novels no longer than six normal issues in length (a “normal” issue is about 20 pages of story). Short mini-series and one-off stories are of interest. Once you get beyond four issues of about 20 pages of content in length each, it becomes much more difficult to approve your project. So if it can be shorter, the better your chances of an acceptance.

All issues, if a mini-series, must be the same length (or within a page or two). Page counts that vary significantly will not be accepted.

The entire creative team (except for variant cover artists) must be in place.

All of our single-issue comics are required to have at least two covers per issue.

All submissions must tell complete stories. We don’t publish stories that end on cliffhangers.

If you have a one-off story for a single issue, page lengths can vary but an absolute maximum is 64 pages. You are more likely to get your one-off (one-shot) story approved at 48 pages or less.

CEX is open to all genres and types of content that range from Middle grade to mature readers. Genres that tend to work well are horror, science fiction, action and adventure and fantasy. We enjoy and look for humorous, romantic, social commentary and other genres.

CEX looks for content that says something about the human condition and generally puts positive energy into the world (even in tragic works). We’re interested in lifting up the population and our various communities. We are not interested in work of a divisive, racist, classist, anti-LGBTQ+ or misogynist nature.

By submitting your work and/or project to CEX for review, you acknowledge that CEX may have other projects of a similar nature in development or have in the past or may in the future and that these projects are not in anyway linked to your own. You acknowledge that concurrent works commonly occur and release CEX of any and all liability and agree to hold CEX harmless should another project that bears resemblance to your own be produced or considered.

In order for your submission to be reviewed, the form below must be filled out completely and all directions followed. Any submissions that are incomplete or fail to follow the directions will not be reviewed and will be discarded.

Due to the large volume of submissions, CEX does not guarantee a response to your submission, but we do try to let everyone know of an answer if we can. We also do not provide feedback on your submissions.

CEX is passionate about working with skilled and driven creators. CEX staff get genuinely excited by the medium and the art form of comics and we hope that your submission is something that will ignite our passions and that fits within our business parameters. Best of luck on your submission! And remember, if your project isn’t a fit at CEX, it may be a perfect fit somewhere else! Don’t let any publisher’s non-acceptance deter you from following your passion.

We are excited to review your earnest hard work. Thank you.


The CEX team