Sereno: The Nightwatchman – Zoop Exclusive Hardcover Collection

Cover Artist:
Luciano Vecchio

Meet Sereno, the Mystic Master of Light and guardian of New Tea, a city where magic and science intertwine by night! An avatar of collective Paranoia, a shepherd of Nightmares, and a Cult of Hate are just the start of an evil conspiracy transforming the city, as nighttime foes and misled souls prowl the night. Can Sereno fight back while keeping super cat burglar Rufián from stealing… his heart?

Sereno’s chaotic shadow self is coming to life all on its own! SERENO will soon find things are not as black and white as he thought, in this epic showdown of Darkness and Light! In an evil super ritual, Photophobos, god of Anti-Light, gathers villains to take down Sereno. The hero’s Secret Origin might hold the key to salvation in an esoteric all-out Battle for Godhood!

Created by Luciano Vecchio , this personal tale of a super hero fighting for his community and to understand his own heart is a deeply personal work for the creator and LGBTQ rights advocate.

Collecting Sereno #1-3, this hardcover includes loads of exclusive extras and a new cover designed exclusively for Zoop by Luciano Vecchio!

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Pages: 128