Saga of a Doomed Universe #1


Scott Reed
Scott Reed

CEX Publishing is proud to present 1984’s most shocking comic book, revealed at last! The heroes have been murdered — all except for Roy Brannon, a costumed loser who could never become the champion that Earth needs. Now, it will be Roy’s chance to prove everyone wrong…. even if he has to destroy the entire Universe to do it!

This is the comic that changed everything, presented in three triple-sized volumes with six covers – including homages to some of the OTHER comics that changed everything!

“Reed nails the design and look of the comic as Saga of a Doomed Universe #1 mixes old-school designs with a bit more “modern” aspects. Deaths have a bit of gore but don’t linger, the characters themselves feel inspired by classic designs of Kirby, Ditko, and more.” — Brett Schenker (Graphic Policy)

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Pages: 56
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