Hopeless, Maine Vol. 2: Inheritance

Cover Artists:
Tom Brown, Nimue Brown

Growing up with magic doesn’t mean you have all of the answers. On the strange haunted island of Hopeless, Maine, young Salamandra explores the limits of her powers and the strength of her convictions. Both she and her newly discovered friend, Owen Davies, face life-changing events at the Pallid Rock Orphanage and begin to take control of their own lives. Just as magic has limits, so does the ability of adults to shield children from harm and consequences in this often dire place. This is not a story about growing up. It is a story about thinking you had grown up already—and finding it wasn’t so simple after all.

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Pages: 97
ISBN: 978-1-954255-39-5
Diamond ID: NOV221372
Lunar Product Code: 1122CX241