Vorticerosa, real name Rosa Puglisi, is a comic book author, artist and art director, and lives and works in Milan. She published her illustrations on Vanity Fair, Glamour, Grazia, she has been selected in the 2010 Annual of Italian Illustrators and at the 2013 Combat Award in the graphics section.

With It Comics she collaborated as a colorist in the miniseries Josif 1957 and 1958 by Ambu / Barzi and “Pop – story of a sailor” by Fabiano Ambu.

She published as a complete author the miniseries in four volumes “Sladkiy” (2016-2018), the graphic novel “Alzheimer – Stories at random” (2014 – new edition 2021), “The man with the suitcase“, “Imagined Lovers” (2019), “The story of an Error” (2020 – in 2021 by Pick Up Publishing).

With Spazio Papel she published Fiabe e Limerick (2019) a portfolio with her poems in limerick.

She currently publishes weekly on the socials of Vorticerosa and It Comics the adventures of Error and World in… save those who can.