Red Foil Exclusives for Seven Years in Darkness

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Seven Years in Darkness Year #1
Red Foil Exclusive
Bill Sienkiewicz

Seven Years in Darkness Year 2 #1
Red Foil Exclusive
Jason Shawn Alexander

Written by
Joseph Schmalke

Art by
Joseph Schmalke

Welcome to the Academy of Black Magic, where 72 students will enter for their first year, and after seven years learning the dark arts, only seven will graduate alive!

The limited edition of the very first issue of SEVEN YEARS IN DARKNESS (limited to 100 copies printed total!) features the rare BILL SIENKIEWICZ cover and a gorgeous red foil logo. This book was printed as part of the original run but has remained locked in the Academy’s vault until the release of SEVEN YEARS IN DARKNESS YEAR TWO #1! The time to release this exclusive is now! And we are only releasing 50 of them! Get them now, while you can!

And just like with the RED FOIL variant for SYID #1, the SEVEN YEARS IN DARKNESS: YEAR TWO #1 RED FOIL variant was printed as part of the original print run and was also limited to just 100 copies. In honor of the launch of SYID: YEAR TWO #1, we are releasing 50 copies of this variant as well! Look at the cover if you dare! But beware, it might just put a spell on you!